Why have an Estate Sale?Estate Sales are held for various reasons. Most commonly an Estate Sale is held because of residential downsizing. An Estate Sale can also assist in combining two households resulting from a new marriage or the blending of families. In some circumstances Estate Sales also assist families who are handling the death of a loved one. Estate Sales are more valuable than garage sales because the items for sale are not old cast offs but items that have real value. Not every family member is going to treasure the silver pieces, or perfume bottles that your mother collected. Our clientele are collectors; they are excited to add to their collections. With proper clean up, polishing, and staging in the home, we get higher prices for your items. You might be surprised to hear that everything has value! Furniture, clothing, bed linens, laundry supplies, and garage items all sell. There is a buyer for everything! We help decide what to sell and what to throw out. Our experience knowing what sells and what doesn’t ensures that your items will sell easier.

What we do for you?We research antiques and collectibles to determine a fair market price for your items. We clean, display, and stage your items for the sale. We advertise in local papers, and notify return clients through an e-mail database; sending pictures of the merchandise for sale. We display signs throughout the neighborhood. We conduct the sale in your home as if it were a home store. Everything is cleaned and priced to sell. You have the option to work at your sale, or if you prefer we will take care of everything with our full staff. Customer traffic is controlled at all times. We handle the cashiering, collection and any pricing reductions. We do not take possession of your items and you have the final say as to the pricing, however we have the market expertise and we know our customers. Our fee is based on the total sales.

Is the property for sale?In the past homes where we have conducted an estate sale have sold in some part, due to the increased foot traffic during the sale.

What happens after the sale?At the conclusion of the sale you can choose to donate unsold items to charity which we will arrange, or you can keep your items. If you decide to donate you will receive a donation slip for your tax records. We also provide you with account records for the total sale and the final sales prices of the major items.