Our experience Together we have over 15 years experience in this industry. We decided to grow our business three years ago due to the growing need in the community to have professional experienced people handle their personal property. One referral led to another, and another, and so on. Before we could have anticipated it we were doing Estate Sales full time. Lorraine brings business experience, along with an interior design and a marketing background.

What we do? We research antiques and collectibles to determine a fair market price for your items. We clean, display, and stage your items for the sale. We advertise in local papers, and notifying return clients through an e-mail database; sending pictures of the merchandise for sale. We display signs throughout the neighborhood. We conduct the sale in your home as if it were a home store. Everything is cleaned and priced to sell. You have the option to work at your sale, or if you prefer we will take care of everything with our full staff. Customer traffic is controlled at all times. We handle the cashiering, collection and any pricing reductions. We do not take possession of your items and you have the final say as to the pricing, however we have the market expertise and we know our customers. Our fee is based on the total sales